What’s Up Pitches?

February 7th, 2012
[ General ]

What does Banana Tax, Mailman Boots, and Fire Extinguisher Guitar have in common? They were all pitched last night at ThreeFortyNine as real businesses. A bunch of us got together and played a version of Dave McClure’s half baked last night and it worked.

If you can craft a compelling pitch in 10 minutes for something called  Banana Tax, imagine what you can pull off for something you’re passionate about? Here’s how we worked it.

  1. We all wrote some random words on pieces of paper.
  2. We formed into partners and drew two random words for each team.
  3. We then had 10 minutes to brainstorm the first pitch.
  4. One partner then pitched to everyone. You have 2 minutes.
  5. Once each team had pitched once, we all gave feedback on the pitches.
  6. We broke into teams again for 10 minutes to brainstorm the second partners pitch, incorporating the feedback.
  7. Your partner then pitches.
  8. More feedback, done.

This was our first time running this event and IMHO it was great. The feedback in the room was massively valuable and we just don’t get enough chance to actually practice pitching day to day.

I’d love to hear what others who attended thought. Please comment below if you were there.

  • eric

    i had a lot of fun doing this little exercise.  i think we should do it again in a month or so and try to get more folks to come out for it.

    the only thing i would change is i would want to do the pitch not in a group of 3. in a group of 3, you didn’t get to do an entire pitch yourself.  next time it might be worth everyone going solo and having a shorter prep time… maybe 5 minutes.  then we could get through a few more pitches and get more practice.

    here’s an hour long podcast with Oren Klaff about effective pitching techniques.  it’s very interesting.



  • Yuriy

    I think it was a great experience, but next time I would like to:
     - pitch more than once (need to figure out how to allocate enough time for everyone)
     - have this meeting happen on a more or less regular basis (once a month? once every two months) to be able to practice more 

  • Brian de Alwis

    I enjoyed it too. I’ll have to remember to bring one paper next time. I’d like to try running through some more word combinations.

  • http://twitter.com/CamTurner Cameron Turner

    Wow. Sounds awesome. Sorry I missed it. Where do I sign up for the next one?

  • http://brydon.me Brydon

    sign up to our email list at startupify.me and you should be in the know. It’d be great to have you out to one.