Shift Your Team’s Mode of Thinking

I work directly with your team to approach the challenges you face from a new perspective.

Your Team Can Build
Software Faster

Technology is creating new opportunities for your business everyday. The speed and pace of opportunity is difficult for any team to manage. How you and your team navigate, focus and make strong decisions today will differentiate you from your competition tomorrow.

I’ve spent my entire career bringing new technology to market. I’ve not only designed and built the development teams, I’ve worked hard to make sure we’re building the right technology and targeting the ideal market segment. I will work with you and your team to identify ways that your company can get your software to market faster.

Shift your team’s mode of thinking.

Many companies assume they just need more developers, but that’s an overly simplified solution to a very complicated challenge. Putting your heads down and writing more code often creates waste and inefficiencies. I work directly with your team to approach the challenges you face from a new perspective. I want you to develop confidence in what you’re building before you dig in and build it. Sometimes that means building less software rather than more.


Bite Sized Bursts

I believe in delivering results in small batches and allowing you and your company to maintain your independence throughout our working relationship. To achieve this, I work in intense, one day increments. Our day will consist of a four to six hours onsite meeting with your product team discussing your current product and plans. I deliver meaningful and actionable insights that accelerate your path to market through those discussions and conversations. Once we’ve demonstrated that we work well together, I’d love to come back for another day.

Clarity Comes in the Articulation

I work with you to clearly articulate your team, product and market strategy. These things exist today within your team today. Rather than create them, I’ll get your team to express and articulate them.

Articulation leads to clarity….
Clarity leads to focus….
Focus enables acceleration.

This inquiry is not formulaic, scripted or bound by formal process, deliverables or reports. I’m not a talking head or a consultant pushing a scripted process. Our time together requires engagement and participation from you and your team. We’ll quickly develop points of focus for the day and go deep on those rather than gather data for a predetermined report.


ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS Together we will address:


Assess overall product management approach and roadmap. Are you building the right product? Is the current product roadmap the right size for your addressable market, your team, and your development budget? Building the wrong product very well is a common example of waste.


Are you on a path to building a scalable product offering? Or are you on a path to building a unique sku for every new customer. Do you have the correct market? Is your addressable market the correct size for your team and budget? Have you picked a market you can get access to?


Do you have a strong team makeup in place for your upcoming season? This is dependent on your product and market approach. Have you hired some roles too early, too late? What is your team roadmap? Does each of your team members have a clear idea of what they can accomplish today to positively impact your company?




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Direct, actionable advice is difficult to find. That’s where I come in. I’m not trying to sell you follow-up work, nor am I looking to invest in your company or take equity. I am an impartial experienced entrepreneur focused on delivering valuable insights to you, your team and your product. I am so confident that you will find this engagement valuable that I provide a 100% refundable guarantee, no questions asked.